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Oops, Time Does Fly

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Feliz Ano Nuevo!!


I just opened my blog today and realized how ironic it is that my last update was LAST YEAR almost to the day. If I wanted to be really ironic, I guess I could title this blog "New Changes For 2015", but that just seems cheap and would only encourage me to update annually. 


So why am I just now getting around to an update? I'm going to Costa Rica with a group from my iMedia class to work with a couple of clients on their internet presence. We are leaving Monday, January 5 and coming back on Tuesday, January 13. Our advisor, Dr. Amanda Sturgill, requires us to keep a daily blog for the trip, so I'm going to use the Soup to Nuts blog for that. Maybe that will start a good habit, since my blog posts are a bit, uh, erratic.


Here's the FB page for one client:


And the name of the other group is Centro Diba. They have an almost nonexistent web presence. Centro Diba is a day center for disabled individuals.


I will post pictures, too! 


Pura vita!

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How I Teach

Just because I can create art doesn’t mean I can teach you how. Isn’t that true? Well, after ten years of refining my craft and teaching (plus the 10 previous years I worked in the corporate world giving presentations and leading projects) I think I can. Some of my keys to satisfied students are:

  • give a straight-forward overview of the project at hand first without embellishment
  • provide handouts with step by step explanations so that participants do not spend time taking notes
  • have ready-made examples of each step (it is very hard to visualize something you’ve never seen)
  • keep to one technique at a time
  • allow for questions after key demonstrations
  • ALWAYS encourage participants to ask any questions and ALWAYS remind them that each technique is not a talent, it is a skill that they must practice in order to achieve perfection
These are a few of my “tried and true” practices.
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Paula MacLeod's "Me 3" accepted into Wayne County Arts Council Juried Show

"Me 3" has been accepted into the 31st National Juried Fine Arts Exhibition hosted by the Arts Council of Wayne County, NC. Paula was raised in Wayne county and always loves to show in her hometown.
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