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Eye d'Neau--New Commission in the Works

I do know that I'm very happy to be blogging about my most recent commission, Eye d'Neau. This project is a sidewalk mosaic inset (or emblemata for all of you mosaic officiantos, see that measures 5 feet diameter. My clients had a very specific idea in mind and from our initial discussions, I created a couple of sketches and we selected one they liked best. The inspiration for this design, a woman's eye with a question mark in the pupil, is the name and logo of my client's band, Eye d'Neau.


I am using the same technique to create this mosaic as I used with the kitchen project, see (Assembled in my studio on fiberglass mesh and then installed onsite.) I'm also using vitreous glass tile from Trend, as I did with the kitchen. The completed mosaic will have an outline of bricks set around it, much like a classic emblemata. The brick mason, Tom from Masonry Concepts, has been working on a herringbone brick sidewalk and will do the brick outline around the mosaic. I will be onsite for the installation of the mosaic.


More updates to come!


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